Before we start telling you about how and why you might want to consider our LED balloon lights, please read these quotes from officers we have worked with over the years

Crime Scene investigation: “Taking photos is so much easier and more realistic than with just a flash”

Crime scene investigation: “I now find ‘brass in the grass’ even at night”

Crime scene investigation: “We used to call the fire department to come out with their light truck. Now we have our own lights. It just saves a lot of resources and money”

Crash scene: “Boy we were so happy to have the light so we could carry it over to where the car had ended up in the bushes”

Accident reconstruction: “I can see skid marks on the asphalt a hundred times better”

Light up crime scenes in remote locations with no shadows. Stay safe in traffic checkpoints and road blocks. Work on crash scenes with lights that keep you and drivers passing by safe and collect your best accident reconstruction evidence possible. Light up briefing areas and command posts. Help out at your local events where public in huge numbers passes etc.

When it comes to light quality, versatility, easiness of operation as well as budgetary needs, nothing beats a POWERMOON® LED Balloon light. No need to call the fire department anymore to lighten up the scene. No need rush collection of evidence before darkness sets in or even worse to leave a crime scene and return the next day while evidence might have been altered by wind and weather.

POWERMOON® LED balloon lights

  • Very bright light
  • Glare free and shadow free light
  • Light in a 360° circle
  • High portability (1 minute set up / fits in to any vehicle / Carry to any location)
  • High efficiency (3 units run on 1 small Honda generator)
  • Light tower performance without the glare and without the shadows
  • High reliability due to mechanical open close mechanism, heavy duty material, high quality LED diodes

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These are only a few of the areas POWERMOON® can be used for by law enforcement:

  • Crime Scene Investigation – Indoor & Outdoor (Remote and hard accessible areas s.a. backyards)
  • Crime scene Photography
  • Evidence Collection
  • Road blocks
  • Traffic Checkpoints
  • Drivers license/DUI Checkpoints
  • Nighttime seatbelt enforcement and seatbelt use surveys
  • Crash scene responding
  • Accident reconstruction

The Solution

Police and law enforcement agencies like few others have to be on duty and call around the clock. Crimes, crashes, driving under the influence, Child abductions and so many more things happen at any time and hour. Often actually in the dark and at night. That’s when great lighting is an absolute must to respond adequately. And that’s where POWERMOON® LED Balloon Lights come in: With much more light and better light quality than small handheld devices or battery pack spot lights, with high portability and close to light tower area coverage (at a fraction of the cost of those), POWERMOON® truly are the smartest solution .

Our LED lights are more than just bright. They’re also durable, reliable, and capable of exceeding even the highest standards when it comes to the most demanding projects. When you trust your work to POWERMOON®, you gain instant access to the highest quality lighting options anywhere. Explore the possibilities today!