Powermoon Slider

The first portable lighting system consisting entirely of plastic! CONTACT USTEXT US

Made entirely of plastic
(Made entirely of plastic with a glass reinforced plastic pole, no need for potential equalization/ground, no risk of corrosion)

Maximum traffic safety
(round collision protection without sharp corners and edges)

Storm-proof booth
(with 250 liters of water filling)

Super portable
(55 lbs transport empty weight)

Technical Data:
Length: 47.25 inch
Width: 31.50 inch
Tare: 55 lbs
Max. capacity: approx. 250 l

Support for the following balloon lights:
– Powermoon Contractor Evolution
– Powermoon Contractor Classic
– Powermoon Profi 1 Evolution
– Powermoon Profi 1 Classic
– Powermoon Twinlight