Powermoon® Stand/Tripod

Maximum height: approx. 15.4 feet CONTACT USTEXT US

Construction lighting for
(road-construction, railconstruction, excavation and underground engineering, pit- and tunnelconstruction)

Sortie-lighting for
(fire departmens, rescue and salvage institutions, police, military, tent illumination, camp illumination)

Illumination of wide areas
(sport and event areas, parking lots)

Technical Data:
Material: Chrome steel
Maeasures folded (LxØ): approx. 70.86x6.70 inch
Maximum height: approx. 15.4 feet
Weight: approx. 30 lbs

Support for the following balloon lights:
– Powermoon Contractor Evolution
– Powermoon Contractor Classic
– Powermoon Profi 1 Evolution
– Powermoon Profi 1 Classic
– Powermoon Twinlight