750 Watt LED Construction Balloon Lights - LED Master 700

Powermoon® LED Master 700 CONTACT USTEXT US

750 Watt LED

Tripod/Stand Optional

Up to 70000 Lumen

Illuminates area of about 25000sqft

Sets Up In 10 seconds

Construction lighting
Road Construction, Railconstruction, Excavation, Underground Engineering, Pit- and Tunnel Construction

Best unit for machinery mount (Pavers, Millers, Rollers etc.)

Sortie-lighting for
Fire/Rescue, Disaster Response, Police, Military

Best used for all scenes where high quality light and instant illumination is indispensable. Car accidents, Extrication etc.

Illuminates about 25000sqft
Sport and Event Areas, Parking Lots, Schools, Churches

Technical Data:
Power: 750 W
Voltage/Current: 12 V = 70 A / 24 V = 35 A / 48 V = 17 A
Electrical protecion class: IP 54
Cord length: 23 feet
Weight: 30 lbs