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POWERMOON®: The LED Balloon Light

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Very early on, POWERMOON heavily invested in researching and designing LED technology. We understood that no way would lead around this highly efficient and reliable technology. We started our research in the mid 2000s and in 2011 came on the market with our own developed solutions. The question always was, how to create a system that would still be portable while at the same time it had to be bright, durable and long lasting. Something which (even today) is not that easily to accomplish. That is why we were the first balloon light manufacturer (amongst those that offer  high powered light systems) to offer portable LED balloon lights and even more important so were the first and even up until today the only ones that built our very own systems from ground up. So when you look and compare closely you will see that our lights don’t just utilize any other companies LED light bar, but that we, POWERMOON design  and manufacture in house our very own specialized solutions which will satisfy the high standards we apply.

POWERMOON also offers the widest variety of LED Balloon Lights: Our lights are available in any size and any voltage. From 12Vand 24V to 48V, 110V and 230V. Whatever the customers need and application: We have the solution.


Our LED balloon lights are capable of shedding large amounts of light over a full 360-degree range. On top, unlike other common options (such as conventional light towers or simple work lamps), you do not have to deal with potentially dangerous side effects like glare, shadows, or dark spots.
On top LED Balloon lights offer instant ON – Off technology with no need for a cool down time.
Pack them up right away after usage!

POWERMOO LED are bright, reliable (LED ‘Bulbs’ hold up to 50.000 hours) and very energy efficient. In fact, 3 LED balloon lights can run on one small Honda generator, and a battery powered unit can operate easily in between 6-12 hours on one battery.

What’s More? POWERMOON® LED balloons make use of our patented umbrella style technology to produce the most durable, secure, reliable balloon light available today. Our LED lighted balloons require no air pressure or gas whatsoever. Portable, convenient, tough, and trustworthy even in the harshest work environments and weather conditions – that’s the POWERMOON® difference.

Balloon Lights, Lighting Balloon, Moon Light, Work Lights, Light Tower

Could You Use the Lighting Power of a Professional LED Balloon?

There are lighting needs … and then there are professional lighting needs. When you are responsible for managing projects like major road construction, firefighting efforts, large-scale community events, and traffic checkpoints, there is no room for error. You need bright, glare-free, reliable light that is capable of maintaining its integrity regardless of the conditions at hand. If you are a professional in need of reliable, consistent lighting you can count on our LED balloon lights. Here are just a few of the situations that are perfect fits for our technology.

Construction Sites

More and more major construction projects call for workers to be on site working hard, long after the sun has set. A POWERMOON® LED balloon light allows you to continue on for as long as necessary while being able to see as well as you would be able to during daylight hours. LED lit balloons also ensure in roadwork scenarios that you as well as passersby remain safe and sound.

Security and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement, rescue, and security settings naturally can’t cut any corners when it comes to the right lighting. Shadows, glare, or dark areas can make parking lots, traffic checkpoints, accident sites, and other similar settings less than safe. POWERMOON® LED light balloons take all of the guesswork out of the equation and ensure the safety of all involved for as long as necessary.

Large-Scale Events

POWERMOON LED lighting balloons are excellent solutions for settings like sporting events, concerts, and large-scale festivals. This is also the case for venues that need to be able to accommodate a variety of events at different times. An LED balloon isn’t just bright. It’s portable and easy to set up within a matter of seconds. Light up dark walkways, tents, rest areas, parking lots, Port-A-Potties etc. Set our lights up, use them, and then pack them away again until next time, without a second thought. Simple!


Your Next LED Balloon Light from POWERMOON®

When it comes to trusted names in the LED industry, then POWERMOON® is synonymous with time-honored concepts like consistency, durability, productivity, innovation and service. For a reason. Let us or one of our many dealers all over the nation help you find your next professional lighting solution today!

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