Highway and road work is without a doubt one of the work environments where all positive aspects of a POWERMOON® LED Balloon Lights come to effect. Hundreds of thousands of people work on roads at night (think of Contractors, Law enforcement, Fire Rescue, Energy and Telecommunication etc.) and even more are traveling on them in trucks and cars. All this while visibility for both groups is limited and fatigue is constantly luring.

Glare Free Light:
POWERMOON® LED Balloon Lights are glare free and won’t blind either workers, nor passersby! The light quality from our balloon lights beats any conventional light tower in safety and efficiency.

Diffused Shadows Only:
POWERMOON® Lights diffuse all shadows to an absolute minimum!

Fast Set Up:
POWERMOON® Set up within 1 minute – From getting it out of a vehicle or off of a truck to finished set up it just takes one minute.

Set Up Anywhere! High Portability:
POWERMOON® LED balloon lights can be set up practically anywhere without blinding anybody

Instant On Off:
POWERMOON® LED light up to full brightness immediately! And they
re-ignite immediately.

Fast Take Down! No Cool Down Time:
Once done, it just takes a minute to take a POWERMOON® LED down and pack it up. No cool down time necessary!

Usage on All Voltages:
POWERMOON® road LED can be powered off of all vehicles and machinery, as well as portable generators. 12V, 24V, 48V, 120V, 230V.

Highest Area Coverage And Actual Light Usage:
No other portable light of this size covers this much area. The shape and design of a balloon light realize an optimal area coverage of 360°.

Highly Efficient:
Take high efficiency LED’s and combine them with a balloon lights glare free coverage and you have the industries most efficient light. A couple LED lights will easily run on a small generator all night. In fact: 3 lights can be powered off of a small 2000W generator. Daisy-chain them and light up one strip of highway. Or set them up around a crime or crash scene.

Short and Long Term Usage Possible!
POWERMOON® offers tons of different set up systems for highway work: From small and big fiberglass tripods (or steel) to sturdy water-tank systems, from hitch mount poles to magnetic machine mounting systems.

Highest Durability In The Balloon Light World:
POWERMOON® open and close mechanically. No air pressure is involved. POWERMOON®® can stay on construction sites if necessary for weeks and months. No need to inflate them with generator power.
We only use highest quality materials and parts. The top is made of Kevlar to which even hot asphalt will just stick instead of burning through it.
POWERMOON® are IP54 tested and will even stay out working in snowy and stormy conditions. In fact, our customers operate ski slopes and leave our lights out all winter season long.

Our construction LED lights are more than just bright. They’re also durable, reliable, and capable of exceeding even the highest standards when it comes to the most demanding projects. When you trust your work to POWERMOON®, you gain instant access to the highest quality lighting options anywhere. Explore the possibilities today!