Heavy Duty Lights
In Outstanding Quality

At POWERMOON we strive for the best quality possible. From day one it has been our one goal to make the best balloon light in the industry!



We consider heavy duty quality not only to be found in the materials we use, the craftsmanship we built our systems with, and the engineering we put in them. We also want our customers to experience the highest quality of service. All these things make a POWERMOON.

Lighting you can trust

When you are in construction, law enforcement, emergency rescue, firefighting, or any number of other similar demanding fields, you need lighting you can trust to maintain high quality visibility no matter what the conditions. You need heavy duty lighting with extraordinary light quality which is capable of standing up to the unique challenges of highway night work, crash scenes, crime scenes etc.

Extraordinary technical design

We invite you to do take a close look at your lights upon receipt We always love the reactions by our thousands of customers when they receive their lights. Test the open – close mechanism. Check the light fixture system inside, check the cable quality, check the main body and what the base is made of. Check the Kevlar reflector top. You will find we have extraordinary technical design and we use only top notch parts and materials from top notch suppliers. Hold us to it!

Works Anywhere And Everywhere

Our heavy duty LED lights are made for professional purposes and ready to go wherever you and your team go! Set them up on roads, landfills, mines, quarries. Set them up on pavers, milling machines and rollers. Hang them off bridges, hang them off ladders or simply mount them to your conventional light tower. Set them up in snow and rain. Heck, POWERMOON can even stay out in the brutal sun during the day for years if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tough And Durable

When we say our heavy duty LED lights are durable, we mean it.
It starts with our mechanical, umbrella style open close system which can not accidently deflate. It continues with the fact that we use highest quality LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) and mount them to cooling systems we entirely developed ourselves and built in house to make sure they suffice the hardest work expectations.
Furthermore our lights are made of the most durable materials– materials like Kevlar, steel, and aircraft-grade aluminum. And, we have been doing so for years.

Simply speaking: POWERMOON® are capable of taking a beating. Nothing you would usually expect from a balloon light.

Instant On Off! No Cool Down Time! Set And Pack Up Fast –

POWERMOON LED can be set up and packed up within mere seconds, no need to cool down. Our lights are perfect for use in even the most fast-paced, hectic environments. Wherever you need light, you’ve got it at a moment’s notice.

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When you can’t see properly at a sobriety checkpoint, an accident scene, or a construction site, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Standard, everyday work lights – no matter how hardy they may be – quite simply don’t cut it. Heavy duty balloon lights cast bright, reliable light that is on par with standard daylight when it comes to visibility. Our patented balloon light designs allow for soft, glare-free light that will not cast shadows or leave potentially dangerous dark spots.

POWERMOON®: Heavy Duty Lighting Made Simple

When only the very best, brightest but glare free and most durable professional lighting solutions will do, then a POWERMOON® LED balloon light should be your choice. For over 20 years worldwide and over 10 years in the US, POWERMOON® has been the go-to heavy duty light for law enforcement, fire rescue, emergency medical response, rescue efforts, construction and sporting events.

POWERMOON® users know that our lights will never let them down, and if ever they do (because lets be honest, nobody is that perfect) our service never will. That is a promise!! Hold us accountable! If you think your company and departments projects deserve this level of quality and consistency, then let us hook you up with heavy duty lighting you’ll have to experience to believe.